Products: Victoria and Albert – A Perfect Fit for Ravida and You
Products: Victoria and Albert – A Perfect Fit for Ravida and You

Victoria and Albert baths, basins and washstands strike amazing parallels with Ravida and our own philosophy. They are made using a combination of cutting-edge materials, state-of-the-art machinery and hand crafting that allows the product to be perfect in design and durability but still unique in itself. And with a 25 year guarantee, Victoria and Albert stand by their product and workmanship.

Like a Ravida home, Victoria and Albert products have a timeless classical and elegant feel to them. Their design incorporates the classical and honours the history of design but is adapted to the present-day style. Their products work seamlessly in the most traditional style bathroom equally as well as they do in an ultra-modern minimalist bathroom, and everywhere in between.

Style & Practicality Combined

Not only do Victoria and Albert baths and basins have style, but they are ultimately practical. The design range is large and caters to just about every type of basin and bath you can think of, including countertop, recessed, semi recessed, underslung and freestanding in a host of shapes and styles. They can come with any feature, from overflows and concealed traps through to exposed traps, plus they can suit any type of tapware. They’re also available in a terrific range of colours to suit any style, and they can even be painted.

Beyond the design practicality, the material itself has a host of features that add significant value. The “QUARRYCAST” material is made from Volcanic Limestone and specialised resins. This makes it extremely tough both in a structural way, so you don’t feel the floor of the bath move when you stand up, and also in a molecular way, which makes the product hard to scratch or mark and immune to chipping and stains. Even if you did go out of your way to scratch the material, it is solid all the way through, meaning the scratch can be polished out simply and easily without a trace.

Furthermore, and this is the feature anyone who likes a long bath will like, the product has terrific thermal properties. This means it doesn’t feel cold to the touch like a porcelain or metal bath, so you don’t get that cold blast on your back or neck. It will also keep your bath much warmer for much longer.

The baths and basins are additionally much lighter than you would expect, which makes installing them much easier. While it’s not an issue our clients have to worry about, our plumber appreciates it greatly when lugging a bath up a flight of stairs!

As with everything, there are cheaper baths and basins around, but with Victoria and Albert, you get exactly what you pay for. The style, practicality, functionality and warranty ensure the value is there.

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