Villeroy and Boch, The Brand and The Relationship

Villeroy and Boch, The Brand and The Relationship

People talk about Brand and Brand Value and even people themselves can have a “Brand” now it seems. And it seems like somehow brands have never been more important to us. You may be onboard with this or you may be one of the few that are trying to ignore it. But when it comes to building a new luxury home, brands do matter and there are many benefits from using recognised quality luxury brands like Villeroy and Boch, Hansa and Argent in your home.

You get the benefit of using a quality product that has great functionality and looks great. You get some prestige from friends and family that visit your home and use and see those brands. And you ensure the value of your home when it comes time to sell as prospective buyers also recognise those brands and they will justify a higher value in the market.

We also get a benefit from using quality luxury brands because as builders we don’t want things to go wrong! It means we have an unhappy client, and it means that we must come and fix something which is costly to us and annoying to both us and our clients. So as a builder, when you find products that are incredibly reliable and in the very rare case that there is an issue, are fully supported by the company that supplies them, you want to use them on every job. The fact that they look great, have great functionality, and add value to the homes we build is almost a bonus from our perspective.

Relationships are very important within the building industry, and they are the cornerstone of Ravida Homes, the relationships with our staff, with our trades, with our suppliers and of course our clients is what allows us to build the beautiful homes that we do. Ravida have been using Villery & Boch along with Argent and Hansa products in our Luxury Homes for well over 20 years and have developed a special relationship that has stood the test of time, through GST CFC COVID and all the dips and bumps in-between. Things change of course, fashion and fads have come and gone and will come again but the high-quality name brands and exceptional service and support we get from Argent remains a constant as does our love for their products.

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