Ravida Moves Forward On Malvern Development

Ravida Moves Forward On Malvern Development

Renowned luxury home builder Ravida are rapidly strengthening their reputation in the development sector with yet another significant contract to construct a new residential apartment development on Wattletree Road in Malvern.

Designed by leading firm Demaine Partnership, the $14million residential apartment project is set to include eight prestige apartments, one penthouse, one villa and a spacious basement car park.

Set to be complete by August 2008, the overall development covers a total area of 2,715sqm and is now about 60% completed.

Offering a variety of floorplans and designs, the apartments have experienced strong enquiry from many nearby residents and are close to 60 percent sold.

Ravida Managing Director, Don Ravida, said the developer’s decision to award the contract to Ravida is further testimony to the company’s rapidly emerging commercial division and its commitment to maintaining superior standards in construction.

“Our reputation as a home builder is extremely strong, however, we don’t have the same recognition in the commercial building sector yet. Nevertheless, developers and project managers have been quick to recognize that our quality background is transferring to the commercial sector. Ravida has been building luxury homes for over 40 years and now we have an opportunity to focus quality building knowledge into a commercial development and it seems our standards are rather higher than many others’ in this building sector,” Mr Ravida said.

“These apartments will be complete with luxurious finishes traditionally reserved for houses, making the development quite unique. For such a high-end product, buyers generally need to see the end result, however, with over 60 percent of the development sold, purchasers have been confident with our reputation and past projects that we will in fact deliver what we have set out to. Malvern is renowned for its beautiful streetscape and local businesses which the area continually supports. It is not an area known for supporting new development, however, it is the local residents who are buying the apartments for themselves. Testament to Ravida’s superior construction and attention to details, I believe, this development will showcase Ravida’s ability to bring luxury home finishes into apartment dwellings and enhance the commercial outcome of the project,” Mr Ravida said.

For more information about Ravida residential and commercial projects, please visit www.ravida.com.au or call 03 9821 0244

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