Why You Should Have Solar Panels on Your New Luxury Home (Melbourne)
Why You Should Have Solar Panels on Your New Luxury Home (Melbourne)

Photo Voltaic (PV) Solar Panels convert sunlight directly into electricity so generate power for free and most people looking to build a new home will have at least thought about them, if they haven’t already decided that they want them as part of their new dream home.

Being one of the best custom builders Melbourne, we find people want them for several reasons, to save money on running costs, to save the planet, they like the idea of being self-sufficient, or they like the cool gadgetry of it, as most have apps that show you what you are generating even down to what each panel is doing in real time, generation vs usage and you can create graphs and so on. In most cases there is an element of each of these reasons in everyone’s decision, but no matter what your reasons, PV solar panels can help deliver sustainable homes (Melbourne?).

3. Government Incentives: The government offers rebates and incentives at both the state and federal level, they are even offering interest free loans to help cover the upfront cost of installation. But as usual there are qualifying factors see here for details https://www.solar.vic.gov.au/solar-panel-rebate?gclid=Cj0KCQjw9fqnBhDSARIsAHlcQYQ23qDrTcDxRtIwL-WM6tObqfQPENKPb3BG8bcbNvwYYs37A5KlPfYaAvXqEALw_wcB#am-i-eligible but the key ones are having a household income of under $210k pa and the house value (when completed) being under $3m.

Financial Benefits: Obviously having PV solar panels will drastically reduce and in many cases eliminate your electricity bills and with the ever-increasing cost of power this can be substantial. As the amount paid back to home owners by the utilities for energy put back into the grid has greatly reduced and is likely to continue to reduce (they don’t need your power when the sun is shining!). Systems optimized to work with new sustainable homes (melbourne) a net zero home consumption are often the goal and usually provide the best value. With the current and predicted price of electricity these systems will pay for themselves within the first 3 or 4 years. In some situations where large areas of roof are available, batteries for storage can become viable, with the additional Government incentives, similar buy back periods are achieved despite their higher investment costs. Over and above the cost savings on electricity bills, PV Solar Panels will add to the value of your home. Throughout the developed world, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Display energy certificates (DECs) that show the thermal efficiency of and the actual energy usage of a home, respectively must be shown when a house is sold or rented and it is just a matter of time until Australia catches up. This would mean that gas and electricity bills with average use and costs would become part of the Section 32 in any home sale. It makes sense at many levels, a bit like the star rating on appliances and litres per 100km consumption on cars. So when it does happen higher star rated homes with lower electricity bills will be more valuable.

4. Environmental Impact and Sustainability: By opting for solar panels on new sustainable homes, you are actively participating in the fight against climate change. Solar energy production generates minimal carbon emissions and helps reduce air pollution. Furthermore, you can charge an electric car from your solar panels for free and 100% carbon neutral. You can also be assured that the manufacturing and installation of solar panels have become more eco-friendly over the years, making the entire lifecycle of solar energy increasingly sustainable.

5. Long-Term Reliability and Low Maintenance: Solar panels are designed to last for several decades, often with warranties of 20 to 25 years. They require minimal maintenance, usually limited to occasional cleaning and inspections. This longevity ensures that you continue to enjoy the benefits of solar power for many years, making it a wise investment for your new home.

But which system is the best: Well that’s not a simple question and depends on the house design, the orientation to North, the roof pitch and any shading elements. You will see and hear amazing deals advertised and in some instances they are great, they are simplistic systems that will cheap and cheerfully do what you want for the length of time you want. So they tend to work well for homes with the perfect orientation with large unimpeded roof areas with no shading and that you don’t intend to own for more than say 5-7 years. Even in these instances they still have drawbacks especially around safety and fires see this link https://vimeo.com/440517177 Usually though with knock down rebuilds in established areas a custom designed system will find you the best outcome, balancing the number, type, location and even the look of the panels with either optimisers or micro inverters to suit your orientation, roof shape and area and your electrical usage. These custom designed systems are usually more expensive but when considered as part of our process, they are less obtrusive and far more efficient, so the buy back period is about the same as the cheaper option, but they will last longer and perform better.

Installing PV solar panels is now part of all luxury homes (Melbourne), it’s a positive, forward-thinking decision that benefits both you and the environment. It allows you to generate clean, renewable energy, reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, and take advantage of financial incentives. Moreover, it demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and sets an example for others to follow. As we collectively strive for a greener and more sustainable future, solar panels are a crucial step in the right direction.

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